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Perseverance and Writing

15 May

003Welcome back my friends and I hope you are having a productive and happy May 15th.

How goes the writing?  Are you kicking out the words and feeling good about it? I hope so because you are one of the special people.  You are right there with all the other artists, writers and musicians who bring beauty into this world through your craft.  Take it seriously, be proud of what you do and never give up.


Persevere!  There is your tip for the day.  You must be made of the right stuff if you want to succeed in this writing business.  You cannot be discouraged when your writing is not recognized and immediately praised.  You need to persevere!


After being Turned Down by numerous Publishers, he had decided to write for Posterity.


George Ade (1866 – 1944)

Sound familiar?  There are two points worth talking about in that quote.  One has to do with being turned down by publishers.  This is a way of life for a writer, and those who succeed are not necessarily the best writers but rather they are the writers who did not give up.

I sold an article to a magazine yesterday.  It was the second article sold in two years of sending in submissions.  Now true, I do not submit articles every single day but still…two in two years?  Why keep trying, right?  Well, if you have to ask that question then you are not a writer. We keep trying because that is what we do, and that is the only way to get published. The odds are against us but we keep trying.

The other part of that quote I want to talk about is writing for posterity.  I can only speak for myself, but I find great comfort and joy knowing that what I write will live on long after I am gone.  My words will continue to float around the internet for years after I die, just as the words of all writers before me still live on.  I am writing a legacy and it will be a forever legacy. I love that thought and you should too.


I have spotlighted this book before but I want to do it again. This book is so important for those of you who plan on submitting work to agents, publishers or editors.  It is the Writer’s Market and you can find it here on Amazon.

What’s so special about this book? Well, it has all the information you will ever need to submit your work for publication.  It has hundreds of pages of magazine listings, agent listings and publisher listings. It has submission guidelines for each listing, and it has useful information about query letters and other tools you will need.

I buy this book every year because I consider it the Bible of Writers!  Check it out on ebay and you might find a year-old copy for cheap.


November 2012 around Olympia 012

Looking for a little inspiration? Maybe you will find it in this picture.


The Autumn House Contest can be found here.  The entry deadline is coming soon, so check it out and see how it feels to you.


Yes, parting is such sweet sorrow, but time is short and I have a few submissions to make.  When the writing stops the promotion starts, and when the promotion stops the writing starts again.  Welcome to the life of a writer.

Hopefully I will see you all tomorrow…same time, same place.