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Writing Should Not Be Simple

24 May

003Good morning my friends! It is Friday, the 24th day of June, 2013, and yes, thank God it’s Friday!

I’m going to give you my personal opinion on something.  You may not agree and that’s fine, but since this is my blog I get to say it anyway.

I think the internet has made a bunch of good writers poor writers.

There, I’ve said it. Now let me explain.  Sites like HubPages, or for that matter blogs, or for that matter places where you can publish ebooks, have made it too easy for anyone to be a “writer.”  People go on HubPages, craft the perfect SEO article, start making $30 per month, which builds to $100 per month, and onward and upward, and they tend to forget that writing is a craft.

The same can be said for ebooks.  It does not take a whole lot of ability to write an ebook.  I could write one this afternoon and have it published by this evening, but does that make me a good writer or just a writer who is in a hurry?

I have concerns that the simplicity of getting published online has made many writers lazy and I think that is a shame.  It falls under the same category as “anyone can draw a picture.”  True that, but not everybody can be an artist. J


“There is no royal path to good writing; and such paths as do exist do not lead through neat critical gardens, various as they are, but through the jungles of self, the world, and of craft.”~Jessamyn West, Saturday Review, 21 September 1957

The royal path of good writing….does not exist! I love it!  Seriously, writing is not easy.  I have read numerous accounts of authors…famous authors…who rewrote their novels five, six, and seven times trying to get it just right.  Maybe that’s why they are famous, yes?

Writing should be blood, sweat and tears….just sayin’.


Train ride from Elbe to 008

This one is from…..oh, heck, who cares where it’s from.  What does it do for you?


Invent your own superlatives.  Seriously, there are some writers who fall in love with a superlative like “incredible” and then use it in every single one of their articles.  I know because I was that writer. LOL

Make up your own superlatives and that way you will never be stale.  What do I mean?  Instead of saying…..that soccer match was incredible, try saying……eye-poppin’ great or….blow your panties off exciting…..your readers will appreciate the extra effort you put into that new phrase.


From WritesNet comes their mystery writers forum, which you can find here.  If you enjoy writing mysteries and/or suspense stories and novels, then you might consider hanging out with other writers who enjoy the same genre.  Join in on the discussions and network at the same time.


Seriously, I’m tired, so it’s time to call it a week.  I am going to do zero writing this weekend and I’m proud of it.  By Friday noon my brain has officially shut down and I need some rest and relaxation.  I hope all of you do the same.

I just noticed we passed 1,000 views for the first month of this blog. I don’t know if that’s good or bad, but it’s a nice number to mention. J

Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by.