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Failure Is Not An Option In Writing

10 Jun

003Welcome back and I trust your weekend was restful.  Here we are on Monday, June 10th, and a new week of creating is at hand.

That’s what we do you know:  we create!  We bring to life words.  We take random thoughts and design beautiful patterns from them, and then we mold and shape them into language and present them as a gift to our readers.

Today we are going to talk about failure, and not allowing fear of failure to defeat you, and not allowing disappointment to turn you away from this gift of writing.


In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.
Bill Cosby

I have several friends who quit their jobs to write full-time.  You know who you are, and you also know that I did the same thing almost three years ago.  Scary?  Oh my God, yes it is scary.  Tossing aside a regular paying job and jumping into the literature life boat only to find out the boat is leaking….yes, I understand completely.  There are days you can’t bail out the water fast enough and it seems like you will surely sink.

There are days when friends and family question your sanity, and there are days when you can’t seem to find a paying gig.

You cannot give up!

Try this tip out.


Look back on your writing career to date.  What has worked and what has not worked?  Try to replicate those things that worked, and for those that failed, try to figure out why they failed. In other words, if you have failed to land a magazine submission, then figure out why. Maybe it’s as simple as a poorly-written query letter.  Maybe you are not writing the style that is looked for by that magazine.

You need to change with the circumstances.  If something is not working then adjust or move on to something else.

I say this with all honesty, so listen up.  To those who have quit your jobs to take this gamble, and I know exactly which of you have done that….you are good writers with talent.  You have what it takes to be successful….you just haven’t found the right combination yet.  You have to trust me on my assessment and believe in yourselves.  Don’t quit before the miracle happens!


Yellowstone 2009 088

Yes, here it is….the message of the day….hope!


I have ideas that need a life, so it’s time to go.  No sites to refer you to today, and no contests. This was solely a cheerleading post today.  I want you all to be successful, no matter how you define success.

Again….don’t quit before the miracle happens!


“Helping writers to spread their wings and fly.”