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Is There A Freshness In Your Writing?

12 Jun

003And Happy Wednesday!  For some it is Wordless Wednesday, but that would be rather silly on a writing site now wouldn’t it?  Wordless Wednesday on a writer’s site would be a blank sheet of paper, right?

What shall we talk about today? I’m running a little bit late, which is an amusing statement since I am the boss of this business and my schedule is never etched in stone.  The truth is, though, that I always feel like I’m late.  I have so much to do….so much I want to accomplish….and I always feel the self-imposed pressure to accomplish just one more thing.  Sigh!

So what kind of pressure do you put on yourself?  Are you ever satisfied with your work? Sometimes? All the time? Do you feel like there are still a great many things to do with your writing career, or have you accomplished what you want to accomplish?


A classic is classic not because it conforms to certain structural rules, or fits certain definitions (of which its author had quite probably never heard). It is classic because of a certain eternal and irrepressible freshness.


Edith Wharton (1862 – 1937)


Hmmmm….an eternal and irrepressible freshness. I like that definition of a classic.  There are many good writers today, but for the most part they just put a new coat of paint on an old story.  I like that definition, and looking back at the classics I can see that most definitely.


Use commas to control the rhythm of your writing.  The comma is a deep breath…it is a way to slow things down a bit in a sentence that definitely needs slowing down.


The Wild Light Poetry Contest is now taking submissions, and the good news is the deadline is October 15th, so you have a lot of time to work on your piece.  Find contest guidelines here.


san juan

You know how to do it. Look at the picture above and hope for inspiration.  I hope you find some. J


Adios…Aloha….and catch you down the road of life.  I only have one-hundred more things to do today, so I’d best get busy.  Have a great day and remember to seek that irrepressible freshness in your writing.


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