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Writers Helping Writers

26 Jun

003Happy Wednesday to you all.  No, this is not Wordless Wednesday on my blog.  What good would a dearth of words do on a writing site??? Makes no earthly sense to me.  Hey, I used dearth and earthly in the same paragraph.  Pretty cool!  LOL

I posted an article today about how much we need each other in this life.  You know, no man is an island, blah, blah, blah.  But it is true, or at least it is true in my reality.

I have said often that writers should not look at each other as competition but rather as brothers and sisters sharing a common goal, and as a support system because, quite frankly, it takes a writer to understand a writer.

Check out the quote below:


I’ve always thought that people need to feel good about themselves and I see my role as offering support to them, to provide some light along the way.
Leo Buscaglia
Great words from one of my favorite authors.  If you have never read anything by Buscaglia then you are missing the boat.  What a simple man and yet a profound man.  He had life boiled down to the basics, and it all centered on love.

Anyway, his quote is how I feel about my role in writing communities. My job is not to tear down my peers.  My job is to build them up and provide support and encouragement.  Writing is a tough job on the best of days, and where else are we going to get constant support other than possibly our family members?

Support your fellow writers today.  Send a special message to one of them and boost their spirits.  It will do wonders for them and it will make you feel good as well.


Join a writer’s forum for feedback about your writing, or start your own writing group.  Surely you must know some writers who live nearby.  Meet with them once a week, or once a month, and use each other as a sounding board and encouragement factory.


How would you like it if someone formed a writer’s group that served as a forum/clubhouse/support group?  It could be a group of HubPages writers, and it would be devoted solely to supporting one another in a friendly setting where we could learn from each other.


Writing Forums can be found here.  Lots of topics for you to peruse at your leisure.



Yes, you guessed it….friendship.  I’m on a mission today to convince all of you that we need to support each other.  So, what does this picture say to you?


Yep, I feel a lot better writing this daily.  Silly me for even trying to cut back on the volume.  When will I ever learn?

See you tomorrow. In the meantime, reach out to someone who just might need it.


“Helping writers to spread their wings and fly.”