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3 Jul

003Welcome back to the site that is here for you, the writer.  There are no ads, there is nothing being sold and no links to any promotional items. This is for you.  I want you to find something in each posting that helps you as a writer. That is my goal and that is what I aim to do.

Today I want to talk about marketing.  For your information, I have a degree in Marketing. That and fifty cents will get you a small cup of coffee. J  Although I hated my marketing courses in college, I did retain a bit of that knowledge, and it has served me well as a writer.

The first thing you need to understand is that you are your product.  Your name and your writing ability are what you are selling.

Read the quote below and then we’ll chat more about this aspect of your writing business.


The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.
Peter Drucker

This is such an important distinction.  As the owner and CEO of your writing business, you must know your customers (readers) and determine what it is that they need, and then convince them that your writing satisfies that need.  This is marketing at its most basic form, friends, and you really need to grasp it and make it work for you.

Ask yourselves this question:  how does my writing satisfy a need? Or, what are the needs of my readers and how can I satisfy that need?  Once you have the answer to that question then you can tailor your marketing actions to benefit everyone.


I’m going to use myself as a guinea pig for this example.  I write in two categories. One is writer’s tips, and it should be obvious who my audience is and what they need.  The other category is a tough one, and it is one that many poets can relate to.  I write personal essays about life and life’s lessons.  Now, how do personal essays satisfy a need for readers?

I have one word for you: nostalgia.  Most people think back fondly to simpler times, and most people share experiences similar to those that I write about.  We all want a better life. We all want to be loved.  We all understand emotional pain and we all understand joy.  That’s what I write about and that is what my readers gravitate towards when they read my work.

Armed with that knowledge I can then go forth with my marketing plan.  If you want to read more about that plan then you can read my article today on HubPages.


Sun Valley Magazine is not just about Sun Valley. They are distributed in 400 outlets and accept submissions for articles that have a regional flavor.  Articles about lifestyle in general will be looked at, so go see their site here and check them out.


Highlands and Islands Short Story Contest is a Scottish competition but the short story does not have to be about Scotland.  You can find submission details here.


Consider your website or blog to be your hub; now build the spokes of your wheel.


Indiegogo is a funding site that teaches you how to build a funding platform for a writing project you want to undertake.  It’s an interesting concept and one you might want to take a look at here.


st. helens

You know the drill….look at it, ponder, become inspired and then write.


Let’s see, tomorrow is Thursday….yep, I’ll be back, good Lord willin’ and the creek don’t rise.  Thanks for taking the time to visit and I hope you found something that will help you. Have a great day of writing.


“Helping writers to spread their wings and fly.”