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The Writer And Agent Relationship

19 Dec

003My goodness, is it Thursday already? This week has flown by. I still haven’t done any Christmas shopping and it’s now what, the 19th?  To my defense, I don’t have a car since Bev uses ours for her job, so it’s a bit tough for me to get out during the week. Looks like Saturday will be the day for me to get it  all done.

Anyway, I hope you are all enjoying the holiday season.  It is always a bit of a difficult time for me, but there is no reason to go into that right now.

Today let’s talk about finding an agent and keeping an agent, and what your job is during this process.  First, a quote.


As a producer, sitting on the other side of the desk, I have never once had an agent go out on a limb for his client and fight for him. I’ve never heard one say, ‘No, just a minute! This is the actor you should use.’ They will always say, ‘You don’t like him? I’ve got somebody else.’ They’re totally spineless.
Orson Welles

Well, it is pretty obvious how Mr. Welles felt about agents. LOL

A few days ago I was contacted by an agent….true story.  She wants to represent me and help me to land speaking gigs, book signings, etc, and she wants to help me promote my new novel due out in March or April.  All well and good and yes, I am a bit excited.


Here’s the thing to understand about agents…..they are, first and foremost, a business entity.  They have numerous clients and they will put their time and effort into the client that gives them the most to work with….this is a key point to understand.

It is my job to continue to build my platform.  It is my job to continue to improve as a writer. The agent has their job and I have mine, and if I don’t do my job there are plenty of writers out there for the agent to choose from.


November 2012 around Olympia 030

Have some fun with it. Let your imagination flow. Hopefully you will find an article in this picture. I did!


The Chattahoochie Review has a short story contest, fiction or non-fiction, with a deadline of January something or other. J  Entries of under 5000 words.  Here is all the info on it.  Think in terms of your platform; winning a literary contest looks great on the resume.


If you don’t know what I’m talking about when I say platform, think in terms of your entire body of work.  I wrote an article about it and you can find that here.


I’ll be back next week with more tips.  If you can’t wait you can always check out my writing tips on HubPages. Three days a week I toss out information on writing, so check it out if you have time.

Have a great weekend and Happy Holidays to all of you.


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