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A Guest Blog On Poetry

3 Mar

003And welcome to March!  I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for spring.  Our weather has actually been quite mild, but I’m getting anxious to start gardening.

I guess I’ll have to deal with my anxiety in the only way I know how…..writing.

Today we have a guest blogger….Sha is her name and she happens to be one of my best buddies in the writing community. In fact, this is the second time she has blogged for me, so we are all in for a bonus treat.  With that, let me turn this over to Sha….oh, and you can find her on HP if you click on this link.

Poetry: Let Your Soul Speak





Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings: it takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquility.’”


William Wordsworth


My poetry is and always has been inspired by emotions – whether positive or negative. There’s never an in-between. As such, writing poetry has been a release for me, always reaching tranquility by the time I pen the final word. This is why the above quote speaks to me and conveys my message to you.




We all know there are various types of poetry that are depicted by the structures of each. There’s acrostic, haiku, free verse, limerick, tanka and the list goes on.


To this (part-time) poet, structure should be tossed to the wind when it comes to writing poetry. This is the one genre where only the rules of your heart apply. Where the spewing of emotions govern the pen.


Where you are free to fly.


Poetry is the only form of writing that I don’t have to research or take ‘think breaks’. An instance or an overpowering emotion will throw a line into my head. I grab my notebook and my purple pen and I write until I climax. (How’s that for poetic license?) I think you know what I mean.


I rarely edit my poetry. I write it as I feel it and don’t stop until it comes to a conclusion on its own.


However, I do space the lines in my own unique style. I don’t always follow the rules of grammar and have to spank spell check’s hand quite often.


I once had a fellow writer who was trying his hand at poetry ask me why I space my lines the way I do.  More specifically:


“I have a question: why do you start new lines after only one or two words sometimes, or rather, what was your thought process? It is very interesting.”


This was my response:


“Ben, I start new lines in order for the reader to read the way I intend. Breaks make you think and allow the words to be absorbed by the mind more easily. Poetry isn’t like writing prose; you don’t need to have complete sentences, nor do they need to be on one line. I space my words in order to create the rhythm with which the words sing in my head as I write the poem.”


You see, poetry comes from the heart. Our hearts have no rules. No grammar guidelines. They feel what they feel and oftentimes there’s no rhyme or reason to anyone but the holder of the emotions.


I write poetry the way I feel the emotions that spark the poet in me. When I share, I want the reader to be as close to my heart as when emotion triggered the thought and I took pen in hand. (By the way, I always write my poems on paper before giving them a permanent home in Word, which is completely opposite my routine for any other type of writing.)


At the risk of taking up too much space, here’s an example. In fact this particular poem was inspired by a picture prompt that Bill (our host) threw out there back in April 2013. I published it on HubPages, but their format always changes the way I intend for my poems to be read. Here’s the original:


My Reflections of Life



Gazing upon the river

With the trees reflected

In the crystal clear water

I see Life

I see my life

My life has flowed

Like a river

Twisting and turning,

Never knowing

What’s around the bend

Each turn holds a discovery

Each twist

A challenge

There are scars I’ve gained

Along the river of Life

But they don’t stop the flow

Rather they add texture to the

Beauty that is reflected

In each ripple,

As are the blue skies

And golden sunlight

The scars add substance

And strength of character

They offer a foundation

For beauty and fortitude

To hold onto

The river holds

Reflections of my Life

To be shared

And never forgotten

Shauna L Bowling

Copyright © April 2013

All Rights Reserved



Poetry is very personal. It comes from the soul when it chooses to speak. Your heart and soul have no rules; they have no boundaries. Let your poetry flow from within and don’t edit. Too much of life is constrained by rules. Let your spirit fly. When it speaks, write it down verbatim. Poetry is truth. Your truth. Feelings cannot be edited; they are what they are.


You have a beautiful soul. Let it speak its own language.



My apologies to Sha…I couldn’t download this picture for whatever reason…Mea Culpa (Bill)




I want to thank Bill for requesting a guest post from poets. I’ve been so busy with other types of writing that I haven’t been as active as I once was with my poetry.


I hope you gained something from my contribution to Artistry With Words.


Take Bill up on his offer for guest writers. It will broaden your horizons – and your smile!







This is where I hand the mike (or keyboard) back over to Bill…..


And I have nothing to add….thank you Sha!  Remember, all of you, this offer is always open. Just get in touch with me and tell me you would like to guest blog and it will happen.

Have a great week.


“Helping writers to spread their wings and fly.”