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Writers Observe Life and then Record It

14 Aug

003It seems like forever since I actually wrote one of these. My thanks, again, to Mari, Mel, and Christy, for graciously taking over for me the last three postings.  It was nice to take a break and it was nice to read the thoughts of other writers.  Sharing information is what this blog is all about so please, feel free to share your thoughts, as we move into fall in 2014.

So let’s get started with the quote of the day.


There are three kinds of men. The one that learns by reading. The few who learn by observation. The rest of them have to pee on the electric fence for themselves.

Will Rogers


All I can say to that is OUCH!!!!!

We writers are the ones who learn by observation, so that those who pee on electric fences might save themselves some future injury and discomfort.

Just an observation by yours truly!


I know you are busy.  I’m busy too, and I recently took on another customer, so I’m busier, really, than I would like to be….but….take time out during the day to observe life.  Writers are the eyes of the reading public.  We are the creative observers of life.  We internalize that which we see, find words to express it, and then share in a way that our readers can “see” what we have seen.

How are we ever going to do that if we don’t get out there and observe?

Try this exercise…..


Go outside at some point today.  Take a five minute break and head outdoors.  Lie down on the grass and close your eyes.  Shhh….what do you hear?  Now open your eyes…what do you see?  Now close your eyes….what do you smell?  What do you feel? Categorize it all and save it for a time when you’ll need it.  If you are a true writer you’ll understand.


The Chariton Review is taking submissions for their Short Fiction Writing Contest.  Up to 5,000 words…I believe the entry fee is $20, and the deadline is September 30thYou can find it here.


This is a written prompt….think of a childhood scene from your own life when you had a wonderful summer excursion.  Maybe you went to the zoo or swimming at the local swimming hole.  Now write about it and see if an article or short story isn’t born from that memory.


A shout out to my friend Debbie who, like most of us, has her good days and her bad days, but she just keeps on keeping on.  Here’s to all of you who work in relative obscurity simply because you love writing.  You can find Debbie on HubPages if you follow this link.


I’ve mentioned this site before, but let’s revisit it today.  If you have never visited Kickstarter then do so now. Maybe you need some funding for a writing project…Kickstarter is a great place to consider.  Find it here.


I will mention my latest self-published novel before I leave.  Resurrecting Tobias can be purchased from my website at

And I’ll leave you with a passage from my new novel, Shadow Kills.

. “ Nobody is safe, whether you live in the bowels of New York City, or the idyllic wistfulness of the country.  Evil walks among us.  Hell, there are those who have never heard of Olympia, Washington, and yet twenty miles to the north of us, Ted Bundy called Tacoma his home, and fifty miles to the north of us, Gary Ridgeway dumped dead bodies as though they were cardboard at a recycling center.

Evil walks among us.

Plato said that ignorance is the root of all evil, but what is a sociopath ignorant of?  There is no moral dilemma for the depraved among us.  They are driven by a voice most of us will never hear.  It is not a lack of intelligence but rather a dysfunction so deeply ingrained as to be a part of their DNA.  They terrorize good, unharmed people, in the name of God or payback for cruelties paid to them in their youth, or whatever other justification they have manufactured.  One does not counsel such depravity, nor does one lobotomize it.  The only solution for peace-loving citizens, the only reaction that will bring them peace, is total annihilation.”


Have a great weekend, and thank you!



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