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We Matter

17 Oct

003Can you believe we are halfway through October?  Well, I guess we better believe it, right, because the calendar doesn’t lie.  I’ve done everything I can to prepare for winter.  The animals are all snug in their homes, the wood is split and stacked, and I have a new roof on the writing studio.  I say BRING IT ON!

I received an email from a person in Los Angeles yesterday.  He read an article I wrote a couple years ago about living in Olympia.  It seems he and his family are fed up with living in L.A. and they are moving to Olympia, and he wanted to ask me some questions about this area.  Kind of cool.

I also, this week, received an email from someone who just celebrated their first year of sobriety, and she wanted to thank me for the alcoholism blog I ran for a year or so.  She told me my blog had helped her during her first tough months of sobriety.  I repeat…kind of cool.

And that brings us to today’s quote.


Every person has a longing to be significant; to make a contribution; to be a part of something noble and purposeful.

John C. Maxwell

Last week I heard from a writer friend who was struggling.  They wanted to touch base with me and hear some affirmation that what they are doing really matters. Of course I gave them a heartfelt sales pitch because, well, that’s what I do.

To summarize, I told her that writers matter and what we do is significant, and that is my message to you as well.  I know this is grueling at times.  My God, we spend day after day pouring out words, and we really have very little feeling for the significance of those words.  It’s not like we have the physical presence of an audience in front of us.  We just hit “send” and our words float out to the online world, and then we move on to our next pressing business.

Always remember that what we do is important. We are the voices of our generation.  We toil in obscurity, just as all writers have done during their careers, and there are days when the only pat on the back we receive is the one we give ourselves….but…there are other days when we hear from someone, and they tell us how much they appreciate what we are doing, that our words made a difference in their lives, and then our souls are fed once again.


Write as though every word that you write matters…because it does.


It goes to all of you, my friends, because you deserve one.


I don’t have anything else for you today. We are all busy and all tired, so let’s get ready for the weekend. Thank you for visiting and I’ll talk to you next week.


“Helping writers to spread their wings and fly.”