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When Creativity Takes a Vacation

6 Nov

003Welcome back, whatever day it is.  I swear, my internal clock or calendar must be off, because with the time change and the early darkness, and with just every blasted day looking the same (gray and wet) I’m having a hard time telling what day it is.  I sure hope I’m not the only one who feels that way.

Yesterday was a particularly good day of writing my latest novel.  I kicked out 3,500 quality words, and that’s about double the amount I normally do in a day.  It was just one of those days when creativity flowed smoothly.

And that just happens to be the topic for today:  creativity.


Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way.

Edward de Bono
There were so many great quotes to choose from about creativity.  I like this one the most.

But what happens when creativity takes a vacation?  What happens when, no matter how hard you squeeze, no creative thought will pop out?


I can only share my experience with you. I can’t speak for every writer out there, nor do I want to.  The thing about creativity that I want to mention is that you can’t force it.  No matter how loudly you order it to appear, it will come in its own sweet time.  In fact, it has been my experience that when I strain and struggle to be creative, it is a no-show, but when I just shut my mind down and relax, it reappears.

I’ve seen a lot of great articles lately about writing prompts, and other exercises you can do to jumpstart your creativity, but the bottom line is this: if it ain’t there, it ain’t there, and you can quote me on that.  Don’t try to force it.  If it fails to show in a reasonable time then walk away and literally go for a walk, listen to some music, take a bath, whatever.


If you were paying attention, I already gave you the tip of the day. J


What have you done today to market your writing?  Give that one some thought and see how you like the answer.  Marketing has to be a part of your daily and weekly efforts unless, of course, you just love obscurity.


Have you had a “holy cow” moment yet?  Have you had one of those moments when the clouds parted, and sunshine rained down on you, and you realized that you are, indeed, a real, honest to God writer?  If not, then what is holding you back from having that moment?


I am going to ask a favor of you.  An old friend of mine is returning to writing after taking a year off.  I think a great deal of this lady, and I think she has some serious talent regarding writing…and I’m going to ask you to stop by her site, say hello, and give her some encouragement.  I’ve said for a long time that I have the greatest followers in the world, and now I’m asking those followers to take five minutes and show some love and support to another writer.  Can you do that for me?  Thank you!

Say hello to Suzie HQ on HubPages, please, and tell her it’s about time she gets back on the horse.  She’ll understand.


My offer is always open to any of you who would like to guest blog here. I only ask that you center the blog on the subject of writing. I think we all benefit by hearing from other writers, and I would love to have you all take me up on this offer.


I take weekends off. If it’s possible for you, I highly recommend it.  Give your mind a break, and your creative muse will thank you for it.


“Helping writers to spread their wings and fly.”