Writers, Marketing, and Image

20 Nov

003I have no idea when I’ll post this, so I’ll just say Happy Whatever Day to you all.

I don’t know if I mentioned this before, but I volunteer to do blog posts for our friends at Eastside Urban Farm & Garden Center.  We believe in what they are trying to do, namely promote urban farming, and I figure helping them in this way is just a very simple way for me to give them a helping hand. In turn they give us items to “borrow” when we need them, like rabbit hutches or grow lights.  It’s a nice bartering system utilizing our individual strengths.

I mention that because from that volunteer writing I received a referral for a paying blog job, so out of the blue some extra money came in…all because I did a little marketing while volunteering.

And that leads us to the point today.


Never forget that you only have one opportunity to make a first impression – with investors, with customers, with PR, and with marketing.

Natalie Massenet

If you write for money, then this lesson has to be ingrained in your psyche.  You are a business and your writing is your product.  How you present your product will determine how your sales are in the future.


Every piece of writing reflects on you, the writer, so make it your best product every time you sit down and write.  This includes social networking, by the way.  Sure, we all relax a bit on Facebook, but you also have possible future customers reading what you are writing on that site, so try not to be too lazy when there.


A recent article of mine was about metaphors, so let’s make that the prompt today.  Write a metaphor about Thanksgiving.


I seem to always be behind. Sigh!  Well, that’s good for you because that means less you have to read, right?

Have a great day of writing, my friends.


“Helping writers to spread their wings and fly.”

12 Responses to “Writers, Marketing, and Image”

  1. Shauna L Bowling November 20, 2014 at 3:39 pm #

    Congrats on the new gig, Bill! I had someone reach out to me out of the blue the other day, looking for someone with a construction background to write blog posts. I haven’t heard back yet. I gave them my rates, now it’s a waiting game.

    • Billybuc November 20, 2014 at 3:50 pm #

      Great news, Sha. We win some, we lose some, but we never lose sight of our goals.

  2. Janine Huldie November 20, 2014 at 3:51 pm #

    Huge congrats Bill and definitely so well deserved. Truly smiling having read this. Have a wonderful Thursday and end of the week now, too my friend 🙂

    • Billybuc November 20, 2014 at 4:03 pm #

      Awww, thanks, Janine. Who knows what surprises await us on any given day? Happy Thursday to you kind lady.

  3. Denise Anderson November 20, 2014 at 4:37 pm #

    Yes, Bill, you are always behind. You are behind every one of us, encouraging, strengthening, giving ideas, and letting us “spread our wings and fly!” Without you, where would we be?

    Metaphor for Thanksgiving: Giving thanks is like throwing a boomerang. We don’t know what affect we will have until it comes back to us with more power, speed, and agility than we could ever imagine!

    • Billybuc November 20, 2014 at 4:51 pm #

      Denise, your kind words brought a smile to my face, and I thank you for it….and nice job on the writing prompt, and oh, so true.

  4. Sally November 20, 2014 at 5:50 pm #

    That is so nice, I am delighted that your new gig has provided you with yet another opportunity to write. You continue to give us inspiration Billy. The moral of the story is, that we just have to put ourselves out there – now many times have I heard that lately! I wish I knew where you found all the time – I know the answer to that one too – time management – so what is stopping me!!!

    • Billybuc November 20, 2014 at 5:58 pm #

      Sally, I can’t answer that question, but I hope you find the answer soon. You are a good writer with a good niche….now you have to make sure others who will actually pay you know about you. Best wishes my friend, and thank you for your kind words.

  5. phoenix2327 November 21, 2014 at 2:06 pm #

    Well done on getting another assignment. Have a great weekend and stay warm.

    • Billybuc November 21, 2014 at 3:02 pm #

      Thank you Zulma, and Happy Weekend to you. You stay dry, I’ll stay warm, and I’ll see you next week.

  6. klsilver November 21, 2014 at 5:24 pm #

    Lol…you’re funny Bill…But – me thinks you put way too much pressure on yourself!
    Hugs for a great weekendxx

    • Billybuc November 21, 2014 at 5:47 pm #

      Sis, me thinks you are right. Always have and probably always will. 🙂 Have a superb weekend my talented sibling.

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