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The Struggle All Writers Experience

2 Dec

003Thank goodness Thanksgiving is over.  I know, that sounds negative, but I thrive on routine, and Thanksgiving was anything but routine.  The food, the family, the trips to the grocery store, the seemingly endless visiting….and very little writing, which was almost painful for me.

So I’m ready to go. I hope you had a wonderful holiday.  Now let’s get back to normal.

One thing that did happen in the writing department over the weekend was a contact from an agent who requested my entire manuscript of Resurrecting Tobias.  I don’t have to tell you how big a step that is.  It rarely happens, so I’m cautiously optimistic.  She also asked for a month’s exclusive, meaning I won’t send the manuscript or even a query letter to another agent for a month….again, a good sign, and a deal I was more than willing to accept.  So cross your fingers, please, and send some good vibes out there.

Meanwhile, I’m working on the last chapter of my new novel, Shadows Kill, and will begin the first rewrite on Wednesday of this week….and I already wrote the prologue for my next novel, A Child Named Hope.

In other words, I’m staying busy.

How about you?  How is your writing journey progressing?  Let me know in your comment, please, because, well, I’m interested and I care.


Without a struggle, there can be no progress.

Frederick Douglass

I was reading a brief history of my favorite mystery writer, James Lee Burke.  In the mystery genre, this man is a god, and with good reason.  There is no such thing as “mailing one in” in his character.  Every novel he writes is exquisite, and he’s written a good number of them.

He is 78 years old now, and he really didn’t start writing seriously until he was forty-five.  I think he published a book after about four years of writing, then took four years to publish another.  He finally found critical acclaim for his work in 1988 at the age of, I believe, fifty-three.  Since then he has been prolific.

The point is this: Burke’s story is one that is similar for many other successful writers.  They struggled, just as we do, and those struggles forced them to work on their craft and become better writers.  I understand that, and I hope you do as well.

I have a five-year plan and I expect to be published by a traditional publishing firm after those five years.  I’m right on schedule, and I am confident, but I’m confident because I continue to do those things that are necessary to make me a better writer.  Like Burke, I refuse to “mail it in,” but rather I insist on my best work every time out. I’m not saying that out of ego. I’m saying it because I believe all writers should feel the same.


Sit down and write out a list of things you need to improve upon as a writer, then tape that list above your computer so you don’t forget them.


If you are an online writer writing for supplemental income, then you need to be thinking six months in advance.  With that in mind, today’s prompt is EASTER EGG HUNTS.


Say hello to Kim, known on HubPages as Klidstone1970.  You can find her here.  I find her to be a very good writer who so far has flown under the radar.  Let’s give her some recognition.


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I will have a guest post on Thursday from Iris Draak.  You won’t want to miss it.  Until I return, have a great time writing, because if you aren’t enjoying the journey, then you should really consider some other hobby.


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