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How to Promote an ebook

8 Jan

003Welcome back to another installment of Artistry with Words.  I’m your host, Bill Holland, and today we’re going to talk about promoting your ebook.

But first…..


Without promotion, something terrible happens… nothing!

  1. T. Barnum


I was reading the latest newsletter by Hope Clark, self-publishing guru.  If interested you can find her by following this link.

Anyway, in her latest newsletter she talks about how watered down the literary market is today.  Never before has it been so easy to write and publish a book, and never before have the returns on each book been so small.

Let’s face it: anyone with a computer can write a book, and anyone with an IQ of 90 or better can publish an ebook.  What we are seeing today is a veritable flood of ebooks, and a subsequent lowering of standards.  In other words, it’s getting harder and harder to find a truly good book.

She advises that we concentrate on the one thing we have within our control:  producing the absolute best writing we are capable of.  That should be a writer’s first priority….quality work.


After that quality work is done, it is then time to publish and promote.  How many good writers have produced excellent work that has died in obscurity?  I would venture to guess tens of thousands.  As P.T. Barnum said, without promotion, something terrible happens…nothing!

I’m going to give you three promotion sites. I mentioned one of them last week.  I’ll add two more this week.  All three sites exist to promote ebooks.  Two charge a fee; one is free.  All might prove to be helpful to you if you have published an ebook but don’t know what to do after you have bored your friends and family with your Facebook announcements.


The one I mentioned last week is Bookbub.  You can find their website here.  They are easily the largest of the three with the largest viewership and also the most expensive.

The second is called and you can find them here.  They are less expensive but they also reach a slightly smaller market.

The last one of the three is the newcomer.  Fussy is much smaller, much more selective when choosing authors, and they are free.  You can find them here.

I highly recommend that you check out these three sites if you’ve written an ebook or you are considering writing one.  They just might be the promotional tool you need for success.


This was a slightly different installment but I think a worthwhile one for those of you who have ebooks sitting around collecting dust.  I hope you found it interesting and useful.

Have a great weekend.  Rest up and come back next week primed and ready for greatness.


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