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Building a Foundation

12 May

The weather lately is making it very hard for this old boy to concentrate on his writing.  We hit eighty degrees this past Saturday.  I’m been in western Washington most of my life, and we’ve had summers we didn’t even sniff eighty, so I am loving every minute of this spring weather.

We are building a new aviary.  Our quail business is growing and we need more room for the little critters, so that means expanding the housing options.  It’s slow going for me because I am not a gifted carpenter.  In fact, most of the time I don’t have a clue what I’m doing.  But what I lack in ability I more than make up for in willingness and a work ethic that has served me well over the years.  So the aviary is coming along.  I’m taking pictures to capture the different stages and I’m sure they will end up in an article one of these days after it is completed.town_516

So, I’m enjoying the weather and I’m doing some minor construction, and that is related to writing how?

Well let me tell you.

The aviary does not just suddenly appear.  I begin with a foundation.  In this case, six strong posts that will handle the weight that is to come.  Without those posts the first sniff of a strong wind will bring the aviary to the ground in a monumental crash.

It’s the same way for a freelance writer or an author.  We build our careers from the ground up.  We use good materials, we learn our craft as we go, and we build upon our earlier successes and lessons learned.  I don’t know of one writer who has attained instant success.  Just as I am a better carpenter on this, my second aviary, so too am I a better writer than I was nearly four years ago when I began this journey.

How about you? Is your writing foundation strong?  Are you strengthening it daily?  Will it withstand the harsh winds that will surely blow in your direction?


It is not the beauty of a building you should look at; it’s the construction of the foundation that will stand the test of time.

David Allan Coe

Pay your dues. Instant success is the stuff of fairy tales.


Think back to when you first started writing.  A little bit scary perhaps?  A little bit lonely?  I know when I first started writing for HubPages, I was thrilled when I received my first comment.  Those first few comments gave me the encouragement I needed to keep writing.  That’s why I’m always excited when I can be the first follower of a new writer, and I have one I would like to introduce you to today.  Her name is Mercedes Monroe and she joined HubPages nine days ago.  You can find her page here. Stop by and give her some love and encouragement.  We all need it.


I’m at 985 and counting on my quest to reach 1,000 articles for HubPages.  I’m at 25,000 words and counting as I write the first draft of my second novel in the “Shadows” series.  In other words, I’m focused and busy, so I’ll keep this post short.  Have a great week of writing, but more important than that, have a great week of living.


“Helping writers to spread their wings and fly.”