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How Are You Doing?

16 Jun

003Happy June to you all!  My goodness gracious, where does the time go?

Obviously there are fewer and fewer of these blog posts.  I’m sure you are ecstatic about that.  LOL  The thing is, I’m obsessed with writing my novels right now, so this blog continues to slip further down the Priority Ladder.

Oh well!

In fact, I recently let me website lapse without payment, so my online presence is shrinking as we speak.

Oh well!

I know, I know, this flies directly against the flow of established logic.  I hear people saying “you have to continue to grow your online portfolio,” and “how do you expect to be successful without a website or continual blog posts?”

And to those people I say this:  I am a writer.  My first job is to learn my craft.  I am not satisfied with my writing as of this moment, so I’m concentrating totally on being an excellent writer.

The horse before the cart instead of the cart before the horse.

And I continue to try to entice an agent or publisher to handle my books.  Again, flying in the face of established logic.  “Shadows Kill” just sits in my computer.  Few people have read it.  Few will.  I could make it an ebook but I don’t want to.  It’s as simple as that!

So that’s what’s happening with me.  How about you?

This will not be a normal blog entry.  All I want to do today is hear about you.  What’s happening in your writing career?  Tell me in the comments.  Share with us all how your progress is coming along.  I want to hear about you!


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