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Laugh Through it All

30 Jun


The last day of June?  Really? How is that possible?  There must be some relativity thing going on that causes time to move faster the older you get.

I won’t keep you long.  I know you’re all busy. I just thought I’d toss out a few quick thoughts, tell you how I’m doing and let you get back to your barbecues and picnics.

The novel continues.  I’m probably three weeks away from the completion of the first draft of “Shadows Over Innocence.”  I’m not sure if it’s moving quickly or not.  It’s moving at the speed it needs to move at.  I’m satisfied with it so that’s all that really matters.

It’s been unusually hot so far this summer, and that has led to diminished writing for me.  When I was younger that would have bothered me. Today it is what it is and I roll with it.


A mentor of mine once said the following:  “Bill, you could make a typhoon out of a glass of water.”  True words when they were said ten years ago. Today, there are no typhoons on my horizon.  I’m in this writing gig for the long run.  I realize it’s a marathon and not a sprint race.  I realize I have to work diligently and not give up.  I also realize there are no guarantees of success.


It’s so very easy to get discouraged if you are a writer.  Successes do not come often.  Hope fades all too often.  We are all aware of these things but that still does not take the sting out of continuous setbacks, and worse than any setback is the lack of response to our writings.  Weeks can go by with the same fifty people reading our work.  “Going Viral” is something that happens to other people.  We appear to be stuck in neutral and our transmission needs an overhaul.

If you are feeling these things, all I can tell you is I understand.  Remember that what you do is important.  It may not seem like it most days, but that does not change the truth.  Writers serve an important function in society.  We are the chroniclers of our generation.  We inform.  We inspire.  We give hope.

Keep pushing forward!


A friend of mine on HubPages, Liz, is offering a contest for one more week.  Check it out here. The winner wins one of my novels, one of Shawna’s books and a book by Liz.  Three books for free…no entry fee…how can you lose on this offer? There have been very few contest entries so far, so your chances of winning are great.


I have things to do.  You have things to do.

Let’s do them!


“Helping writers to spread their wings and fly.”