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Writers are Observers

19 Nov

003Welcome back to Artistry with Words.  I’m  your host, Bill Holland, and for the next few minutes I’ll be tossing ideas at you and hoping some of them stick.

Let me begin today by telling you that yesterday I went to the Laundromat.  Trust me, this will tie into writing if you just bear with me for a few.


You can observe a lot by watching.

Yogi Berra
God bless Yogi!


Okay, back to the Laundromat.  Our dryer gave up the ghost and went to that huge appliance store in the sky, and that meant Bill had to go to the laundromat. Now there was a time in my life when I would have dreaded that particular trip, but now I’m a writer and I see it for what it is…a great opportunity to observe.

If you want to see “real people,” and a great cross-section of America, go to a Laundromat.  There is every type of human creature at a Laundromat, no matter when you go.  I’m talking about fascinating, and if you are a writer it is an experience you really owe yourself.

I don’t know how many times I’ve had writers tell me they have trouble with character descriptions.  I had one writer tell me that all of his descriptions sounded the same and for whatever reason he simply could not make his characters come alive.  That’s where the Laundromat comes in handy.

I was there an hour and I literally spent the hour writing people descriptions in a notebook.  My fellow laundry people gave me some great stuff to work with, and you can bet a few of them will show up in future stories and books.


Either go to a Laundromat or go to WalMart.  Either one will be invaluable.


I’m going back to work, part-time, starting next week.  I’ll probably be gone three days a week, so obviously that will severely cut back on my writing, but….oh well.

Why am I doing this?  Well, we need a new dryer for one. LOL  Seriously, we have had some unexpected expenses and I need to make some more money, but the other reason is because I’ve spent  the better part of four years tied to my desk churning out thousands of articles and four books, and this writer needs to step out into the real world and find out what life is all about.  Being “isolated” is not good for this guy, so I need to “go public.”

I just mention that because my exposure online will be limited as long as I’m working this new job.

And yes, I’ll miss our daily interactions.

But I’m not dying; I just won’t be here daily to bug you.

Thanks for dropping by!


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