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An Interview with Writer Janine Huldie

20 Sep


I hope you enjoyed my interview with John Hansen last week because I’ve got another one for you today, from one of my favorite writers, a freelance writer and web designer…..Janine Huldie.  Janine and I have known each other now for, oh, three or four years.  It was a chance meeting on the site HubPages.   I don’t remember the specifics of our first meeting, but I know what followed, a friendship based on mutual loyalty and the commonalities we share.

Janine was once a teacher, as was I.  She is now the mother of two beautiful daughters, and she owns her own freelance writing business as well as web design business.  Many things have changed since our first meeting, but one thing that has not changed is our mutual respect for each other.

You can find Janine on her very successful blog “Confessions of a Mommyaholic,” or on her equally successful web design website J9 Design.

But before we interview Janine, consider this…..


“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.” Albert Schweitzer


I saw that quote and immediately thought of Janine.  I saw that quote and immediately thought of myself.

As teachers, Janine and I knew what happiness was.  We totally enjoyed our time with our students, and there was many a day when we would have gladly done it for no pay at all….and now we are freelance writers, and we know a similar happiness, and that happiness has led us both to success….and ain’t that just too cool for words?


Go to book readings. Go to book signings.  Even if you don’t know the writer, go and support them.  We need to support one another, even if we don’t know the other writer, we really do know them, if you get my drift.  Karma will return to you….I promise!


1) What is your main motivation for writing?  Put another way, what do you hope to accomplish with your writing?


“I write simply, because I can. See writing for me is almost like breathing and like second nature to me.  That said it is a way to express myself and always has been.  Whether it is in response to something that happened to me or my family or for even something sponsored for payment, I just can’t help but feel the need or want to share my story in the written form for others to read, relate and maybe even learn something new along the way.”


2) What are your thoughts regarding the marketing of your writing?  What has worked well for you? What new avenues of marketing are you considering?


“As for marketing and advertising, I will say that I haven’t found a simple way or formula that has worked. Social sharing is the biggest and greatest used form of marketing and advertising in this day and age.  While I do love socially sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even Pinterest, nothing has truly made me famous by any means.  But still, if I have had any success by the numbers, I would say Facebook has brought me a bit, as well as even being published in syndication on the likes of Huffington Post. But for all that both those avenues have afforded me in the past, I am not one to be able to deal with the so-called internet trolls or negativity.  So, I would much rather fly under the radar than deal with that kind of negative exposure.”


3) What words of advice would you give to someone just starting out in this business?


“Understand that writing is a way of life and while you may enjoy it at times, you may also loathe it all the same.  Writing can definitely be a love/hate relationship. But to persevere, you will need to understand that there will be great days and then there will be equally not so great even bordering on just plain awful.  If you can keep this one thing in mind, it will help you to keep on writing no matter what.”



4) If you could start all over again in writing, what one thing would you do differently?


“I am not sure I would do anything differently per say, because I feel like all that I have done so far as a writer has gotten me to this point.  See life, in general, is all about learning from whether it be from what you have done right or your mistakes, as well.  Yes, I have accomplished a great deal in the time I have been writing, but so too have I made my fair share of mistakes.  But still, as Frank Sinatra once crooned, “I did it my way” and wouldn’t have it any other way.”


5) How do you juggle your personal life with your life as a writer?


“In the early days of writing, I struggled with the balancing act of writer, mother, wife and more.  Hell, there are still times I do have my moments, but if I have learned anything over the course of my writing tenure it has been to walk away from it when I need and want to enjoy my family life and more.  See I am much more apt now to close down for the weekend, evenings and more to be much more present for my family than when I did first begin my journey as a writer.  Because, writing will always be here, but my family life to me is #1 and the most important part of my life.  Also, I am lucky that my family does support my goals and overall lifestyle as a writer.  But I want to make sure for all they do support me for that I am there not just physically, but mentally, as well when they need me the most.”




Wow! I can tell you without hesitation that Janine was speaking directly to me with her answers.  What a great interview.  And what an honest interview.  The part about loathing writing, at times, is so very true, and her realization that it is necessary, at times, to simply walk away and remember what is most important in life…..


Janine, thank you!  I think we all learned something valuable from this great interview.




I promised to tell you the good and the bad about the writing site Niume, so here goes.


I’ve been sharing there for two weeks now and overall I really like the site.  I haven’t had the time to interact with other writers there, but I have posted four articles and done well so far.  I have found the other writers there to be friendly and supportive.


Are there some drawbacks about the site?  Yes, but in my mind they are minor.  Posting is easy, as is editing after you post, but it takes awhile to figure out how to do both.  The same is true of posting pictures, but you can’t post captions on the pictures or if you can, I have yet to figure that out.


They have a wide array of social media “buttons” for sharing your posts, far more than HubPages has, so those of you really into social media will find that very helpful


And, oddly, there seems to be a glitch in their search engine.  I’ve had three people say they couldn’t find me on that site when they searched my name, and yet they could find me when searching the title of my posts….so that’s not terribly handy and hopefully it will be rectified shortly.


Overall I like it there!  I give them a “B” grade so far.




I’m not being bold or egotistical when I say that.  You need me. I need you.  Writing in today’s world…and trying to make money writing in today’s world….is like pushing a thousand-pound boulder uphill with one arm….it’s that tough and it’s getting tougher.


I follow five writing blogs as of this writing.  I probably should follow at least five more.  I never know when I’m going to pick up a pearl of wisdom from one of my writer friends, and hopefully I offer similar pearls of wisdom for them to use.


If you get nothing more out of this blog post than this statement it will have been worth reading:  we need each other!




NIUME offers a free blogging guide, so I’ll just pass it along to you now. Follow this link if you want to download it.




And next week I should have another interview for you. Stay tuned for another great glimpse into the mind and lifestyle of a writer.


Until then, thanks so much for stopping by.  And if you’re looking for a Christmas gift for that reader in your family, feel free to buy one of my books on Amazon, or you can check them out on this website under the link on the homepage….and if not mine (insert a smile here) then buy a book from another indie writer.


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