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Sometimes You Just Have To Get Away

18 May

As some of you know, my bride and I took off for a mini-vacation the first week of May.

It was needed, and I didn’t realize it.

We visited the tiny tourist town of Leavenworth, in Eastern Washington, staying at an Airbnb for the first time, and it was lovely. We had our own hot tub, a private place on the river with an acre of landscaped property, and it took me all of ten minutes, upon arrival, to realize how much I needed a break from life.

We spent three days being tourists, eating at sidewalk cafes, walking the dogs on the many nature trails, probably eating too much, and really doing nothing but relaxing.  I did no writing at all, and my muse appreciated it.  We talked about our future plans, talked about our past, and talked about our love for each other.

When we came back home I was refreshed, re-energized, and eager to write and dive into outdoor projects.  All it took was three days away from it all.  Three simple days.  Seventy-two hours of downshifting, putting on the brakes, and saying “No Mas” to it all.

I highly recommend it.

I’m sure three days, for many of you, does not constitute a vacation, but for us, it was the first vacation in ten years, and it was heavenly.

That’s all I’ve got for you, other than this thought: it is so easy to get wrapped up on the business of living.  We must do this, we must do that, we must hit deadlines and we must do extra, always extra, on the go, flitting about, marking items off our to-do list, and I’m not so sure the lifestyle I have lived, for so long, has been good for me.

It only took me seventy-two years to figure that out.

Yes, I think it is important to have projects. It is good for the mind, and body, to stay active.

But sometimes it’s also good to do absolutely nothing but relax and enjoy life.


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